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How to Avoid Contractors Scam in Atlanta

Homeowners coping with storm damage are being warned not to be ripped off by unscrupulous contractors. Disaster officials say the best way to avoid contractors scams is to get written estimates before making a contract. Then, if you’re unhappy with the work or the contractor stops returning your calls, you can file a complaint…

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Affordable Contractors in Building a Home in Miami

The thriving Miami residential real estate market offers an abundance of project opportunities. If you're ready to build your dream home in the city, it is vital that you choose a professional contractor who can help you complete the project. There are several contractors in Miami who are experienced in building custom homes. They have…

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Five Companies That Are a Great Choice For a General Contractor in Miami FL

If you're a Miami-based business owner looking for the best general contractor to handle your building projects, there are many options. These include companies such as CDC Builders, Breezy Construction, Cuesta Construction, and more. Cuesta Construction Cuesta Construction Services is a general contractor located in Sweetwater, Florida. The company has been in business for approximately…

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field supervisor

The job of the field supervisor

Site supervision is the monitoring of progress and supervision of the construction process of the contractor. Currently, construction supervision work in the field is almost an official profession. Because it is a relatively new profession, many people still do not understand this job well. So let's find out with Miami Contractors what the position…

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construction site security

What is the job of the construction site security?

For the work to take place according to the predetermined schedule, the task of construction site security is critical. If you enter a building under construction, it will be easy to see the security team at work. So what exactly is their job? Miami Contractors  has summarized the main tasks of the construction site…

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build a house

Should you assign a contract to build a house?

When building a house, choosing to hire a construction contractor or build a house without hiring a contractor is a person's choice. Each construction method has its advantages and disadvantages. However, if the homeowner decides to choose the process of hiring a contractor to build a package house, they should pay special attention to the…

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What Do Contractors Charge Per Hour

Best Guide On What Do Contractors Charge Per Hour In 2022

What do contractors charge per hour: You should expect to pay $50-100 an hour for a contractor, and $40- $50 for a subcontractor/helper if they are available.  Pay attention to people who will accept an hourly wage. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the hourly rate of contractors is $29.44. Hourly rates…

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What Do Excavating Contractors Do For Construction Projects?

What Do Excavating Contractors Do?

What do excavating contractors do? Site preparation is the responsibility of the excavating contractors.  They are responsible for changing the landscape using heavy machinery.  They are part of a carefully planned and engineered process that creates a solid foundation from which to build any building project. What Do Excavating Contractors Do For Construction Projects? …

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